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 Contract staffing:

 Our contract staffing solutions are                effectively tailored to match all short-term    requirements and non-core activities of our clients. We are committed to delivering the most comprehensive and most eligible range of temporary staffing solutions.

 By working closely with an organization to  better understand their corporate needs and work culture, and using our extensive experience and resources, we develop strategic and cost effective solutions for all their staffing needs. We undertake mobilization of required personnel and       their placement at client-identified locations through our own team of committed staffing solutions members. On request, or at the conclusion of the contract period, the deputed personnel are demobilized from the client sites.






Turnkey Assignments:

We have the capability to execute turnkey assignments which include:
  Defining candidate profile
  Release of recruitment advertisements
  Screening of profiles
  Conducting assessment centers
  Conducting interviews on behalf of our clients

Recruitment :

GITC realizes that you, as an employer, are most concerned with recruiting the best personnel, within the shortest time possible. We also realize that nobody understands your business as well as you do. Based on these needs, we begin the process of finding and screening candidates for you. For this we rely on our vast database, personal contacts, and our past experience of industry.

 Rather than mechanically matching your requirements, we strive to find the candidate who best suits the work culture of your organization. Once we have identified potential candidates, we compare their credentials with your expectations. Preliminary interviews help ensure that the candidate will easily fit in your organization. So, you can be sure that when we send you a candidate he is THE candidate you are searching for.


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