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Gather All Necessary Information:
*EDUCATION: List degrees and month/year obtained; names and locations of schools, major and marks/grades scored. A brief summary of important courses might also be helpful.

*EXPERIENCE: Clearly mention and highlight the month/years you worked, position, name and location of employer and responsibilities you had.

*SKILLS: List computer languages and software, communication (including languages), leadership, or athletic, among others.

*PERSONAL INFORMATION: Top center of first page should contain the following details: Name (no title), addresses, phone numbers, e-mail

EXPERIENCE: Here, you can use one of two formats:

Functional: To emphasize skills and talents, cluster your experience under headings that highlight these skills

Chronological: To emphasize work experience, list jobs beginning with the most recent.


Resume Tips


*Name should be the top of the page: highlight it by slightly larger font size, bolding, and/or underlining

*Address and phone number (s) should be complete and correct, with PIN codes.

*All entries  should highlight a capability or accomplishment

*Repetition of words or phrases should be avoided. Capitalization, punctuation, and date formats should be consistent

*There should be absolutely NO typos or spelling errors


*Your best assets, whether education, experience, or skills, should be listed first

*The page can be easily reviewed: categories should be clear , text should be indented

*The dates of employment should be clearly highlighted and easy to find.

*Your name should be printed at the top of each page

*Justification creates awkward white spaces.

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